Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!


How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is just super happy because we are in 2014! How weird is that? A lot happened in 2013 too. Like...I went on a mission... Argentina is doing pretty good. I guess we will start with Elder Flores.

Elder Flores is from Mexico. He has 11 months in the mission and is a very hard worker. A little weird, but a hard worker. This week. We basically just contacted people. We got 9 new investigators this week. But out of those 9, I think one is solid and has great potential. His name is Andres. He is from Paraguay and has a wife and a kid who is 4. There isn´t much about him, all that he was born Catholic and he is seems a little interested in the Gospel. But there is something about him that I just like. Another person that we found this week is Natalia. Natalia is a cripple. No literally, she is crippled. But she has a great heart. She wants to know the difference between every other church in the world, basically. She is Evangelista and she has a son too who is about 4. She is living with someone, but is trying to move out and find a place to rent. She almost came to church this week, but something happened with her son, that he didn´t want to go or something like that, but maybe this week she will come! We also committed someone on date this week too! Her name is Betty Atocha. She is from Bolivia and she is a cleaning lady at a Hotel. The first lesson that we had was pretty good. She seemed a little tired during the lesson a little bit. We committed her for the 1st of Februrary and I sure hope that this date is for real this time! She said she would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, so we will find out this week huh?

My favorite family: La Familia Vlahos!
We had a lesson with only Gabriel this week. Elder Flores got to know him a little bit. Which may have been bad. So bad, that we almost lost them. Elder Flores said Mosiah 4:9 with him, which says Believe in God and all that stuff. (Gabriel is Atheist) and Gabriel kept telling him that he was not going to believe in God right now. He says he doesn´t see the need of it right now. He got pretty offended actually...We also had a member there named Hermana PiƱeyro. And she was like bashing him too that he needs to believe in God. He just kept saying that he doesn´t see the need of believing in God right now.  He says he has a great job, a loving family. But! He also said that he would believe in God someday! Yeah! Also! He told me that Marcela (the Catholic teacher) has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday to him before going to bed! Sometimes he will listen and sometimes he will just ignore it. I know that once Marcela gets baptized. Everything will fall right into place.

Well everyone! I just want to tell all of you that this New Year´s, I invite everyone to read together as a family and to pray. I know that the love that you have for one another will increase like crazy! I have seen it here in Argentina! So will you do that this year?

Love you all so much and hope for the best of everyone of you! Be happy! Remember who you are! Les Quiero mucho!

Con amor y besitos,

Elder Grant Evans

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