Monday, January 13, 2014

Dead Man Tells No Lies

Buen Día!

So...basically nothing exciting happened this week. I´m still alive. That´s about it.

So I´m having a hard time with Elder Flores, he likes to work and everything, but he kinda puts his foot in his mouth...a more than a lot. The beginning of the week was harder, but now it´s okay. Well, better anyway.

We got a new fecha for baptism!
His name is Fabian Saganias. He is the Dad of some antigual investigadores and after the first lesson, we asked him to be baptized. And he said yes! Taking out the fecha is the easiest part. Maintaining it. Now that´s a different story. We will be praying like crazy so we can create this district into a stake! Oh. As for Betty, our other fecha, yeah...she kinda dropped us. She says she doesn´t have time for us right now because of the summer and that she is working like crazy. But! With time, she will be baptized!

The Familia Vlahos:
We taught only Gabriel again this week. We read Alma 32 with him this week and asked him to experiment the Book of Mormon and to notice to see if there is a change in his life. He said he wouldn´t promise, but the last time he did that, he read! Haha so he is definitely going to read, I hope anyway. We have an appointment with them on Tuesday and so hopefully, we will be able to talk to Marcela.

I just wanna talk about the Familia Behotas. They are the biggest kapos in todo del mundo! We have dinner with them every Sunday and she washes our clothes and fixes any clothes problems that we have. And whenever we go over, they just give us food. This family is pretty much

Well, that´s all that is going right now. Elder Robison is getting ready to go home. He only has about 4 weeks left. I´m going to meet this Elder. Too bad he is going to BYU when he goes home.

So I have been reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon right now and I just love how they counseled with the Lord in every single thing they did. Just goes to show that the Lord really does care about every single one of us. And that if we ask for direction we will receive it. Ask and ye shall receive right?

Love you all! Kind of a lame letter, but that´s all that happened this week.


Elder Grant Evans

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