Monday, December 30, 2013

Still in Villa Gesell!

Hola Todos!

Just as my subject says, I am still in the Coast at Villa Gesell! Elder Rivero left to an area called Longchamps. It´s up near the capital, but super chill. So that will be good for him. As for my new comp, his name is Elder Flores...and that´s all I know about him. He won´t arrive in the Coast until 8:30 tonight. We think he is Mexican. Well, if it is him. There are 2 Elder Floreses...I think that is how you spell it.

 This week was pretty tranquilo. Christmas came and it was super great! Christmas Eve, I had the opportunity to talk with Mom and Dad! Woooo! It´s still really weird that they are in Tokyo right now. And that a potato is $6.00. At least the Japanese have good TV shows hehe. We had dinner with La Familia Behotas. They are pretty much the best family that I know of. They have 2 sons serving missions. One is in Lima, Peru and the other is in Adam´s mission! Columbia Bogota South! I got pretty stoked when I heard that. We had dinner with the family and we had chicken and turkey and some salad. They also gave us presents! I got my first Argentine jersey! Well it´s from a team here named BOCA. It´s supposed to be the best team in Argentina. And it´s an original and those are kinda hard to come by. Christmas was pretty slow. We didn´t work. Argentina is full of drunks during the holiday season hehe. So we stayed inside and had pancakes and...yeah..pancakes. Elder Riboldi´s mom sent him pancake mix with Aunt Jemina´s syrup. Best stuff ever! Then, Elder Rivero got to talk with his family. Chileans talk a lot faster than Argentines. It´s like how a Californian talks basically. Go California! Then, I got to talk with Megan and Chad. I was pretty bummed that I couldn´t call the rest of you guys. Hopefully, Mother´s Day will be different. 

We are still teaching Marcela and Gabriel. I can just picture Marcela to be a Gospel Principles teacher or something. She is so cool! We have an appointment with them on Thursday and hopefully I can understand them this week. They tend to talk really fast sometimes.

But really that is about all that happened. I hope everyone is doing well and that the missionary work that you are doing is going great! I have been reading the war chapters in Alma right now and let´s all just say that Captain Moroni was a kapo! Just like it says in the scriptures. That if every person were to be like Moroni the gates of hell would shake and the devil would have no hold upon the children of men. I don´t know if that´s the exact words, but you get what I mean. Now let us all be like Moroni. Keeping the commandments, going to church, reading, praying. We can do it! I know we can. Jesus Christ made it possible for us to become clean and receive mercy.

Do your best and forget the rest.

Besitos y con amor,
Elder Grant Evans

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