Monday, December 16, 2013

You Know You Are in Argentina When...


So this week. I basically know the whole Newsies musical without seeing the musical. We have had Newsies music on in the pench for this week. We workout to it in the morning. It´s pretty legit.
So just a brief overview with what happened this week with my investigators. The only one worth talking is...
Gabriel Vlahos and Marcela Medina:
We just had a lesson with Gabriel this week. Medina read 3 Nephi 11, but she was working at the catholic school when we had the lesson. We read 3 Nephi 11 with Gabriel. And to start with, he doesn´t really believe in God and everything. So we read this chapter and the first thing he notices is the part that says if you don´t believe in me, you will be condemned. So, we tried talking to him the best we could without being like yeah pretty much. But then he asked us randomly, why bad things in the world happen. We read Alma 14 with him and I don´t know how, but he rejected that answer. Anyways, that´s pretty much how that lesson went, but we do have a return appointment with him on Tuesday, so we will be able to talk with Marcela also. We did leave Alma 22 with Gabriel to read, but he said he wouldn´t promise to read. Argentines and their stubborness.
Other stuff:
It´s really hot here in Argentina. Like 90 degrees with 100% humidity. We have the fan going like 24/7. Reminds me of when Kelii and Megan lived on the Point. That´s how hot it is.
Also, Elder Rivero and I were walking to a potentials house and as we were walking, we saw 3 police pick-up trucks with people on the back with shotguns and masks over their face. About 30 minutes later, we heard gun shots. We just looked over their and were like, "Yeah...let´s not walk over their."

You know you are in Argentina when you are having a lesson with someone and they just start breastfeeding right in front of you. Without blanket and everything. We kinda call it the one-eyed monster. Yeah...Argentina is weird.
As for spiritual stuff:
My favorite scriptures right now are Alma 31:24-35. Maybe for FHE you guys and look up those scriptures. This whole week I have been General Conference talks from 2008. There is one by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin that I am sure that all of you remember. It is called "Come what may, and love it"
I encourage all to read this talk and look for the goodness in the world and to look at the moments that matter most. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ´s church on the earth today. Always remember that the people in the church and not perfect, but the teachings of Jesus Christ are. Don´t abandon God. He loves you whether you deserve it or not. He wants you to come home. Trust in God. Trust in the word of His holy prophets. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Elder Grant Evans

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