Monday, November 25, 2013

Que Feo!


Cómo están? This week was kinda slow in the beginning, but then we kicked butt at the end of the week. Okay, Sunday. Im gonna start with a really gross thing I saw this week. So you guys know that Argentina has stray dogs running all around and its like an every day thing. So Elder Rivero and I were walking around trying to find people and I just see in the corner of my eye and I see a dog of course. And the dog was eating something, still seemed normal to me. But as I got closer, the dog was eating a cat! A cat!! That poor cat. Didn´t see it coming...well maybe it did. But that is just a little weird thing about Argentina.

This week, I was kinda depressed. Elder Rivero and I have been trying to talk to people on the street and none of them have shown a lot of interest. Some interest is a miracle yes, but they would give us bad address and stuff. And that I have not gotten past the first lesson with someone and I am almost 6 months out. When I hear people say, "Oh yeah, I´ve had this many baptisms and yeah yeah yeah..."So that just brings a downer a little bit. But then I was reading D&C 122:7-9 and as Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail and the part that got me says that this will be for my benefit. So, I just started working harder and try to talk to more people with my basic Castallano and teach them a 1 minute Restoration. Still no luck in the streets. So Sunday came round and by way of a change, a guy came walking in with jeans and a tshirt. We asked for his name and his name is Cesar. He said he was from Buenos Aires and was working here. He lived by the church and said it was close so he came. He stayed for all three hours of church and said that he just loved it! We set an appt with him that night to chat for a bit. So at 7 at night we go over to his apartment building and we have a lesson outside in the street. We taught him the first lesson and he is really big on that Jesus is the Son of God and the Atonement. After this lesson, we asked him to be baptized on the 14 of December. He said he would if he was still here. Apparently, he just working for a little bit and heading back up to Buenos Aires to his family. We have 3 more meetings with him before he heads back up. That is if the job is done. We can only meet with him once a week. It´s gonna be hard, but we know God will help us.We know he will be baptized. It may or may not be on the 14 or in Villa Gesell or Buenos Aires. But, it´s super exciting to have an investigator and to have someone on date!

So basically that was my week. I have to write President now, but those are my stories for the week!
Love you all!

Elder Grant Evans

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