Monday, December 2, 2013



¿Còmo estàn? That´s right. I just used an upside down question mark. Well just a little recap of what happened this week. We had a really good lesson from a referral that we received from a member named Noelia. It was a FHE with La Familia Esteche. They talked about covenants and what they mean. Let´s just say, it was really intense. Noelia´s sister is named Idalia and she hasn´t been keeping her baptismal covenants, for example, the Law of Chastity. She is living with someone right now. Oh, the Law of Chasity doesn´t really exist in Argentina. People who are members, just kinda forget about it. Kinda lame. So Noelia´s brother´s name is Cristian wants to be baptized! The bad news...he just went to Buenos Aires to visit his Mom for the´s okay! Because we still have futuros or potentials. This week was probably the slowest week I have ever had on the mission. We would go to peoples houses and either they weren´t there or didn´t have time. We try to set a return appt, but they just say they are always busy. Well so are we. So, instead of teaching investigators, because we weren´t able to, we taught members! Members are pretty great. We did find a menos-activo that we haven´t heard of before. His name is Hermano Cozzi. Let´s just say he is crazy. We went to his house and he was very angry. He told us that it has been 3 years since someone from the church has visited him. He said he isn´t mad with the Elders, he is mad with the branch, because they never do their home teaching. We tried talking to him, but his heart is just filled with some much poison that it is going to be really difficult to change his heart. We will do the best we can. Just like Mom always said right? As for Sunday, we had a futuro investigator come to church named Cristian. We were talking to him for a bit and he said he really likes the church and feels so much better when he comes. Elder Riboldi told me that if we don´t get him baptized, we have really bad luck. That was before we knew that his family is Jehovah´s Witness....oh this is a different Cristian. His last name is Gutierrez. Not the brother of Noelia. Anyways, if Cristian does get baptized in the LDS church, his family has to stop talking to him. I guess it´s a rule in the JW church. That just makes me sad :( We have an appointment this Thursday, so we are going to see what happens and I will let you know.

As for Thanksgiving, I see letters from people and what they did, like have 4 thanksgiving dinners. I just worked, it really just felt like a normal day in Argentina. I can´t even remember what I had for Thanksgiving. Probably noodles. I think I had an alfrejor. But! The district did have a big bbq on last week´s P-Day. So that was pretty great! Anyways, that was my week! I am out of time right now, but I want to say I am so proud of Mom and Dad to be serving a mission! They are pretty much the best people I know. Stay strong everyone! Know that this is the Chuch of Jesus Christ. The same church that He established. Love you all!


Elder Grant Evans

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