Monday, November 18, 2013

1st Transfer in ARGENTINA, GONE!


This week was pretty awesome and slow at the same time. Lets start with Elder Holland. Let´s just say that he is a stud! He talked to us about how we should never lose our testimonies after the mission and little bit about obedience and a little bit of the talk I said last week about salvation is not a cheap experience. He has so much love for the missionaries, it´s incredible. I think after just hearing from him about not losing my testimony, I think I am too scared to lose it hehe. It´s amazing the spirit that he has, right as he walks in, the room just silences and you feel peace in your soul. I wonder what his family feels...I have notes from the talk, but I forgot to bring them to the cyber today. Maybe next week I will bring some more. 

As I said in my "subject," the first transfer of Argentina is out of here! I am still in Villa Gesell, which I am so grateful for! 5 and a half months and its my first area I get to stay in! Elder Rivero and I are still companions. We definitely have a weird relationship. Definitely best friends. Even though we can´t talk to each other, we still love each other.

As for success with investigators this week goes...lets just say it didn´t go very well...But that will change this week right? If you have a bad week that just means you will have a good week right? It´s gotta happen sometime. We didn´t get to talk to any of our investigators this week. We tried setting up an appointment with them, and they say just come by whenever, so we do and they say they are busy. Maybe we just need to teach them right then and there. Like a 10 minute lesson or something.

It´s been feeling a lot like Christmas here in the summer of Argentina. Elder Robison has Christmas music that he plays everyday. Silent Night is the one that kills me! It´s just so pretty and makes me think of home sometimes. Apparently, he has 24 family christmas stories that he wants to share with us. He is really good at sharing stories, so I am so stoked! As for our apartment, it´s actually really nice! I stayed in an apartment a day before I listened to Elder Holland and it was really gross! It was really old, but still is cleanable. And they could´ve asked the renter to fix it too. But our apartment, has really nice beds and every thing. There is a living room that has the tables that we spend most of our time and 4 bedrooms, the other 3 bedrooms are used as dressing rooms hehe. We have 2 bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. Other than that, its pretty tranquilo.

I read Alma 1 a couple days ago. Alma 1 was the chapter I really liked this week. I learned that even though that the members of the Church of God were being persecuted by people preaching false doctrine, they were still firm in their faith. I think that stood out a lot to me because Elder Holland was talking about not losing your testimony.

Love you all so much! Next time I will write a better letter! I will make sure to write in my journal so I know what happens. Love you all!

Elder Grant Evans

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