Monday, November 11, 2013



Guess what! This weekend is going to be the! You know why? Drumroll please....Jeffery R. Holland is going to speak to all of the 3 Buenos Aires missions on Friday! Ahhhh! I am so going to die! I don´t know if he is going to chastise us or do what he did in last conference and tell us we can do this/inspirational talk. The talk is going to be in Banfield which is basically in Buenos Aires. It´s so crazy!

As for this week, it was kinda slow. Okay, really slow. This whole week, Elder Rivero and I have been setting up English Classes to get ready so we haven´t had much time to teach people. We still don´t have many investigators, but with English Classes, we should be getting a lot of new people. All the members in the branch have the missionary bug right now and want to help out as much as they can. I just hope that I don´t get transferred after all this much work. But, I guess the new missionaries that would come in wouldn´t have to do much. So yeah, that´s about all that is happening in Argentina. We didn´t find any new investigators this week, so that was a bummer but that´s okay because Alma 26:27 is amazing. 

What I learned this week or I guess re-learned is that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the Redeemer of the world. Elder Rivero and I were teaching a less-active family and for our message we watched a Mormon Message! I seriously think mormon messages are the best! People can feel the Spirit so strong! But, Idalia, one of the menos-activos, has been living with someone named Damian. Damian has been supportive in the church, but has been kinda weird. Like he will want to listen, but when it comes right to it, he won´t want to listen. But, we watched a video called Totalmente Solo, Totally Alone. It was a message with Jeffery R. Holland about how Jesus Christ was all alone with his ministry, he did have the 12 apostles and everything, but realistically, he was all alone. After the video, this Spirit was so strong. I looked over at Damian after the video was over and tears started to form in his eyes. Coolest thing ever! We testified that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that through him we can become clean again. 

Another thing I learned this week and also getting ready for Elder Holland, was a thing he said in a talk. He said that he was thoroughly conviced that salvation does not come easy. I was talking to Elder Rivero (well...the best I could) about this. We were talking about that everybody has to go through the stage of Alma the younger to obtain salvation. Everyone needs a part of repentance in their life that absolutely changes their perspective about life. In the Bible Dictionary, it says that repentance is a change of nature. A chance to obtain salvation. Just like in Avatar it says that once we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest possibilities. Jesus Christ bled from every pore in order for us to obtain salvation. We all have to go through a little Gesthamane or Alma the younger in our life! Repentance is the chance to turn around and start over. How beautiful is that!

I testify that Jesus is the Christ and Redeemer of the world. I pray that missionary work is going well in your wards and branches. This is the church of Jesus Christ. Joesph Smith restored this church.

Con amor,

Elder Grant Evans

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