Monday, March 10, 2014


Queridos Todos!

This week marked 9 months I have been on the mission! It has gone by so fast! But I still feel like it´s forever away. But I am enjoying every second that I have. The members in El Faro are super great! All have good hearts. There are a couple people who are gossiping and that´s not good. We don´t want to be like the Nephites by the end of this. But yeah! El Faro is doing great! I guess the only scary thing that happened this week, was that we got gun pointed again. This time, we were at a bus stop and Elder Neyra made a phone call to see if someone could cut his hair. After the call, a guy who was standing behind us grabbed Elder Neyra and pointed a gun to his side and told him to give him the phone. I saw the gun and thought to myself, that is definitely not a real gun. Elder Neyra stands up and says to the guy, in spanish, "You want to rob me with your toy?" The guy´s face was hilarious! He looked like he just got caught with drugs in his pocket. The guy told Elder Neyra that is was just a joke and then he walked away. It´s was pretty sweet. I actually found out this week that the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission is the second most dangerous mission the world. The first is like India or something. But yeah, it´s pretty exciting. Not a dull moment in Argentina. I swear though. This country is so corrupt and the government too. I give this country 20 years until it falls or something happens. But at least the people are super nice, well most are though. The culture here is kinda European, but at the same time it´s Latino.
I also had my first baptism this weekend! It was actually a scary moment. The first family, Natalia and Marcos, arrived on time, but the other family, Martín and Rosa, weren´t going to come. Martin said that he had to work at 6 and said he couldn´t make it if he wasn´t baptized first. And Rosa said that if Martin wasn´t going, she wasn´t going. Satan was winning the battle, but it wasn´t over. It was super scary until the Savior came to the rescue. Elder Neyra called Martin again and found out that Martin just had to be in work before 8 and the baptism was at 5. They actually showed up an hour late to their baptism. Latin standard time. Once they showed up, we all took pictures and then went into the chapel to listen to the talks and hymns. Elder Neyra baptized Natalia and Marcos and I baptized Martín and Rosa. Rosa came into the font after Elder Neyra baptized those 2. She was like screaming that the water was so cold! This family is a little slow, but they are pretty funny most of the time. Anyways, I had to baptize her 3 times! I felt pretty bad at the end. I just think of her getting clean 3 times. Then Martín came in and I had it all down by that time. Only one time haha. But I can now understand the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants how it says that how great will your joy be if you bring one soul unto me and how great will be your joy if you shall bring many souls unto me. I kinda feel like Ammon and him rejoicing God in Alma 26. I will always remember the Lord my God in all good things that happen in my life and for the joy I feel when I am studying and sharing the Gospel. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ and that through His Atonement we can be perfected. I sure hope you guys are helping less-actives in your wards and help them feel the Atonement in their lives and forgive others and forgive themselves. I promise that the blessings will be huge! I love you all so much and pray for you every single day. Have the best week ever and open your mouths and share the Gospel. Love you!

Con amor,
Elder Grant Evans

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