Monday, March 24, 2014

Been Busy.

Hey Megs!
Thank you so much for writing me! I hope all is well in Hawaii! How´s
classes? The kids? Tell me everything! This week seemed a little bit
better. Or at least my comp didn´t push me to the ground that many
times. I don´t have much time left so I am going to tell you the
miracle that happened this week. Elder Neyra and I were at a bus stop
after a lesson and a lady came up to us and asked if we were from the
last days church. She said that her daughter is a member of the church
and that she would like to know the church a little bit. We set an
appointment for later that day. We found out their names were Cristina
and her daughter´s name is Jennifer. They are from Paraguay.
Jennifer´s dad is actually a bishop in Paraguay and calls every week
to check up on her and see if she is going to church. We taught the
first lesson and took out a date for the 19th of April! So the 19th of
April we will have another baptism! I hope anyway haha. But yeah that
is basically what happened this week. Also, I heard about 50 gun shots
outside of our apartment on Saturday haha so that we pretty exciting.
This country is crazy haha love it.

Love you Megs! I wish I could write more!

Con amor,
Elder Evans

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