Monday, February 17, 2014


Hola todos! This week was pretty busy. First off, I want to everyone single one of my family and say that letters are 100% true. I am writing honest letters. Argentina is kinda lame with computers and I can´t send pictures every week. Second, I got transferred! I am in the zone of Quilmes. It´s in the capital basically and my area is called Gutierrez A. Finally in an A area. I was always in like Jonesboro 4 or Villa Gesell B. Basically the last area. Not saying that is bad or anything like that.
We went to the temple this week too. It was a pretty crazy story. So Thursday, La Familia Behotas, gave me and Elder Robison a farewell type thing. We had food and took pictures. The way Mormon Argentines have farewells. We stayed pretty late and we had to take a bus to the temple at 230 in the morning on Friday. So the whole night I just packed until 230 in the morning and we took the bus to the temple. Except there was a problem. There are 18 people in our zone and 19 seats in this bus. We have 10 suitcases with 5 backpacks to add to that. There wasn´t any room to put the suitcases in the trunk. So we put the suitcases in the aisle of the bus. Most uncomfortable 7 hours I have ever been in a bus. I slept on the bus about 1 hour. We finally arrive to the temple and we put our luggage in the visitors center and go do a session in the temple. It was a really good experience. Even though it was in Spanish, I could still understand what was happening. Got some prayers answered and it was great. Afterwards, I went to the distribution center and bought The Restoration DVD for investgators to watch. After that, taxi took Elder Robison, Elder Castillo, and I to Banfield. Elder Castillo and I stayed with some missionaries to work for the weekend. While Elder Robison went with the assistants to go do stuff before he left to Utah. While I was working with the Elders in Banfield, bunch of little things happened. I saw a dead animal in a pile of garbage on the side of the road. I think it was a dead cat. A little mini-flood happened, good thing we were teaching a lesson as it happened, and...a boy pulled a pistol on us! These three boys were playing on the other side of the street while we clapped a house and so the three boys came up to us and one said to the other, "Dale, Dale!" and so the other boy took out a gun and told us to give him our money. Lame thing was, it was a toy gun. It looked so fake that I can´t even explain. So we just kept walking and they left us alone. The next day was church and the Elders that we stayed with, 9 investigators came church and they all have baptismal dates. I have never seen anything like before! Then, after church, we tried to contact some people and as we were walking, the assistants picked us up and told us that Elder Castillo and I were going to stay at their place for the night before transfers. So we went to the offices and Elder Robison and hung out while they were doing numbers for the mission. We had 23 baptisms this week. Wooo! I thought that was pretty good. I hear that the area I am in right now that nothing happens. It´s a bunch of fields and not much city. The bishop here isn´t very nice. A lot of members have been offended by him, but I hear that the members are great.
I am really bummed that Elder Robison left today. He seriously was my best friend here. Now he has to be lame and go back to Utah and find a wife. I told him tht before I get back, he is going to be married. I can´t write about my feelings for him, but I consider him to be my brother and love him just as much as I love you guys. I know you don´t think I don´t love you very much because I don´t send photos every week and my letters are very short, but I want to make one thing clear. I love you guys. I love you more than you can even imagine. I wish I could write you hand-written letters every week and send pictures, the truth is that I do not have the resources to do all you guys want every week. I appreciate your letters every week and I am super excited that I have the opportunity to read them. Don´t ever think that I don´t love you guys because that is a lie. I love you each and every single one of you with all my heart. Please keep sending letters and your love. I know the church to be true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.
Con amor,
Elder Grant Evans

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