Monday, February 24, 2014


Querido todos,
Well, from you guys now already from my "subject," I am get ET´d. So I got to stay in Gutierrez for 2 weeks. I am now going to Banfield, where President lives, and going to a place called El Faro. It is a Villa o sea, a place where people get robbed, stabbed, and shot. Hopefully, none of that happens here. I´m gonna be praying a lot. We are getting ET´d because there are a ton of sister missionaries in the mission and they need to be in safe areas. And our area is safe so we are getting the boot. My new comp is Peruvian. I can´t remember his name right now. Apparently, he has had a lot of success over there. So maybe I can get my first baptism there! That would be pretty awesome. To be honest, I´m kinda nervous to go over to a Villa. I have heard some crazy stories. I guess this is my test to put my trust in the Lord. Just having some fun in the Buenos Aires South mission. At least Spanish is getting better.
Another crazy thing that happened this week was that a TORNADO struck our area! It didn´t do much, it just flipped a car and that is basically it. People were starting to freak out though. We went to go do some contacts and nobody was out on the streets! They were so scared to come out. Pretty sad actually. This week kinda blew too. We taught 5 lessons total. We had about 5 lessons set everyday and nobody wanted to talk to us, except for a couple people. But it´s all good. Elder Kilgore and I have missed the states this week. He loves talking about girls, sports and home. So it was a little trunky moments every now and then. And saying stuff about Argentina and how weird it is. Maybe it is just weird in our mission. I heard that northern Argentina is beautiful. Maybe I will go there one day.
Wow, this letter is really short today. I am continuing reading the Bible and it´s funny see some people and say, ¨Yeah Jesus taught that we can make babies whenever we want" and stuff like that and think to yourself, yeah...He didn´t teach that, sorry. I have been reading True to the Faith and it is super interesting! Pretty inspiring at parts too! Well. That´s all I have for this week! Elder Kilgore is doing great and he is headed to a place called Chascamus. It´s a place where there are more cows than people so he is going to love it. Total Redneck he is. I hope you are all reading your scriptures! We need that "daily bread" in our lives to stay happy! Praying is very important too! I´d love to hear from all the family next time. I feel like I haven´t gotten a letter from some of you in a while. Love to hear from you!
Elder Grant Evans

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