Monday, October 28, 2013

The Youth Here are AMAZING!

Querido todos,

I just like to say thank you for all the letters I have gotten on my mission here in Buenos Aires. Villa Gesell is pretty cold most of the time. It`s pretty humid, but not like Hawaii humid. But with the humidity, it goes right through your clothes so it gets cold a little. The best and funniest part of what happened this week, was Tuesday. So in the morning, Elder Riboldi and I went to go do our morning workouts. So we grab the keys and try to the open the door. We TRY...but the door wouldn`t open! So we asked Elder Robison if he could open the door and he couldn`t either. And Tuesdays, we have District meeting and so we had to get out eventually and really soon. So what we do is that we got on the balcony of the upstairs room. We climb up onto the roof and jump down about 7 feet to where our entrance to the door is. So that`s how we got out of our apartment that day. But the problem was, we didn`t know how to get back in...and we had to eat lunch somehow because a member gave us lunch. So us 3 elders hoist up Elder Riboldi on the roof to go onto the balcony and grab plates and forks for us to eat. I have a video of it but I don´t know if its too big to send it. Eventually, the inmobilaria, basically a real estate agency, brings over their mantenence guy to come fix it. He had this cool tool that seperated the lock and the wall. So thankfully, we did get to sleep in our apartment for the night. Crazy adventures in Argentina. The crazy thing is that even though I am in a different country with a different language and all these crazy things happening to our apartment, I am still super happy! I know I´m crazy. But it`s because what I am teaching to here is the truth!

Getting investigators here is really weird. The seriously just come up out of the ground sometimes. Knocking on doors and contacting in the street is really inefficient. This one time Elder Rivero and I knocked on this door that used to be a former investigator, but they didn`t live there anymore. Instead, it´s this guy named Omar. After we asked him if this person lived here and said no, we simply just gave him a pass-along card and asked him if he has heard of the Book of Mormon before. We just gave a little explanation about it and said he wanted to listen right off the bat. So we had a lesson with him yesterday and he told us he feels like he has no purpose in life. We ended up talking about he Plan of Salvation and he loved it! He had quite a few questions about everything. I couldn´t really get the gist of what he was saying (Argentine accents are weird). But from what my comp was saying, he didn´t really believe in the Fall. So that was kinda interesting. But, while we talked about the Atonement and Alma 7, the Spirit was so strong there! It was almost impossible to be feeling it. I even got goosebumps! We will be meeting again with him on Sunday again and talk about the Restoration. Oh and I don´t know if I said this before, but Jonathan, the one who has a short-term memory loss, doesn´t want to get baptized anymore.

So about the youth. The youth here are the greatest ever! They are examples to their families like none other. For example, the Pino family. The 5 kids all go to church and have super strong testimonies of the Gospel, but their parents don´t come to church. But! This Sunday the whole family was there and they absolutely love the Gospel now! The next family that is kind of hard is the Familia De La Miar. The kids are super strong and are friends with the Pino family. The problem is that the Dad and super prideful and won´t come to church because he doesn´t like one the leaders because he has a belief that leaders need to be absolutely perfect. And he doesn´t want to listen to the missionaries, so it´s been a tough battle but we are getting there. The members are doing great and are strong as usual. We are really trying to make this branch a ward and eventually this District a Stake.
One thing that I am very grateful for on the mission is the scriptures. The scriptures have definitely changed my life for the better. Everytime I read, there is something that I could work on that day. Also, I noticed a pattern in the Book of Mormon. And it is to keep the commandments. So many people say it, I think it must be important. And if we keep the commandments, we receive eternal life. I love that it says in Nephi that we can choose either eternal life or captivity with the devil. Pretty obvious choice we need to make.
I love you all so much! I hope that the missionary work in your wards are skyrocketing and that you are being a big help for the missionaries. President Monson said that the members and the missionaries need to work together as one to help find the lost sheep and to help nourish them. My invitation for all my family and friends to either go and visit a less-active and make them cookies or something or to go up to the missionaires and ask when you could go out with them this week and make an appointment.
Con amor,

Elder Grant Evans

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