Monday, October 21, 2013

Water Is Important!

Querido Todos,

Well this week was kinda slow. But it´s all still good because that means this week will be good, right? So just a litte recap of this week. There are 4 elders in our little pensión and for about 3 days. There was no water in the house! This had happened before already, but it was just for a day so we thought it would turn back on. So, for 3 days, I didn´t take a shower or shave. It felt really gross. My companion and I ended up going to the church to shave and finally go to the bathroom. It has been quite the exciting 2 weeks. We are all still in good spirits and love each others company. We also had entervistas, interviews, with Presidente Thurgood. He is so loving! Right as you see him, you feel loved and at home already. I was telling him that Argentina feels like home right now. I feel like its the place where I need to be. The food here is pretty darn good. My favorite things are either Alfajores or empanads con jamón y queso. We eat a lot of pasta here. I don´t understand how people here are so skinny when they eat tons of carbs and then take a nap right after. I wish my body worked liked that hehe. My companion is doing good. He really hates contacting and knocking doors. We try to work with the members, but they don´t really have much for us. We did just get a new branch president, so maybe missionary work will pick up. Branch unity is getting really strong lately. That´s the vision of this mission is to strengthen and establish the church. We still have 1 investigator named Jonathan. Its been getting hard lately to contact him. It´s pretty funny. Every time we walk on his street, his neighbors always say he is gone or if he is home. Everybody knows us. But, that´s about all that happened this week.
Spiritual stuff: In Elder´s quorum this Sunday, we talked about how we should give service to people. And when we give service, we should do it happily. Not expecting a good thing in return. Just do it out of the goodness of your heart and know that "when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God." Another scripture I have been thinking about lately is Jacob 2:18-19. My last comp was telling me that its a hard scripture to, I guess, translate. Because when we seek for riches, it is for our family which we need to enter into the kingdom of God. Now with the prophets invitation to bring a friend to church before this Christmas and his push for missionary work. Are people putting work before the kingdom of God? Are people putting worldly things in front of them instead of what Joseph Smith said about the greatest and most important thing in this life is to preach the Gospel? What do you guys think about this verse? I´d like to know some insight.
I love all of you and pray for you everyday. I pray that the missionary work and families in your ward or where ever it may be, be successful. I know that this the Church of Jesus Christ and that we are all sons and daughts or our loving Heavenly Father. I hope to hear from all of you soon.
Con amor,
Elder Grant Evans

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