Monday, February 3, 2014


Hola todos!

Well this Wednesday, I will have 8 months in the mission and 4 in Argentina. I am so surprised that I only have 4 months in Argentina and I can speak to people pretty well. So a crazy thing happened this week, well not really. I have lost about 37 pounds on the mission. I am now 213 pounds. I like the way I feel and everything, the problem is just that my clothes don´t fit anymore. Well, I have had my pants tailored and everything, but my suit from Christensen´s does not fit anymore. The one that Mom and I just bought. Maybe if anybody is just looking to lose weight. Just do the Argentine missionary diet. Walk about 3 miles everyday and eat only breakfast, which is 2 eggs and a big lunch and drink lots of water. 100% guarantee with no interest. This week was pretty good. First I was sick, but I am a lot better now. There was another storm that happened here. So I totally got wet again. It´s okay because it is supposed to be wife points right? That´s what they say anyway. So it is kinda weird working in the coast. Everywhere you go, people just don´t wear shirts. Whether you are a guy or a girl. You just don´t wear them. It´s not cool to wear shirts I guess. But it is a whatever thing. Kinda used to it by now. 

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges this week with Elder Robison. We didn´t do very much that day, but we did go to eat some ice cream. The ice cream here is good, it´s just missing something. American ice cream is where it is at. During the exchange, Elder Flores went to go see Carmen Sosa to see how she was doing and it turns out, she knows the Book of Mormon is true and the José Smith was a prophet! She said she is still willing to be baptized, she just wants her husband to participate in the lessons with us. Her date is for the 22 of Februrary. Transfers are on the 10 and I would really like to stay here for one more transfer just to see Carmen´s baptism. 

During my exchange with Elder Riboldi, Elder Robison´s companion, we talked to a lot of people but none of them had a lot of potential that have been prepared. But Elder Flores went over to Fabian and well, Fabian knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that José Smith was a prophet. His date is for the 1st of March. We committed him to come to church, but sadly he didn´t come.

Church was pretty exciting though. As we were having fast and testimony meeting. We hear some people yelling outside. Turns out, a guy had robbed the restaurant next door and went to the church to hide from the police. Ya know...I´m not even surprised that even happened. Weird stuff happens in Argentina. Super weird that I am calm and happy in the mission. Argentina doesn´t contribute to it at all. It is what I am doing here that makes me happy. The church is definitely true. If you do not have a solid confirmation that this the church of Jesus Christ. I invite you to kneel down and ask God sincerely if this is the church that Jesus Christ established. I love you all and hope this letter was better than my other ones.

Con amor,

Elder Grant Evans

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