Monday, September 30, 2013

This Week I Didn't Get Spit On!

Hey everybody!

This week has been a lot better compared to last week! It's almost the end of transfers. Which means, it's closer to getting my visa to Argentina. Everybody keeps telling me not to focus on that and focus on the work. I am focusing on the work. It's just exciting that I am leaving to a different country soon. So this week, Hailey did come to church again. It was pretty great because she was with the youth during a musical number and sang, "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." I was thinking in my mind, no you aren't but that's awesome. We will try to see if her Dad will let her get baptized. If she gets permission, she might be baptized before the end of the transfer! Our mission president set a goal this month for 101 baptisms this month. Don't know why it's a 101. I think he meant that even one soul matters. I think we are at about 50 something. Not sure, but, we didn't really make our goal. I guess next week we will get a little talking to about how we can be better missionaries and baptize people. We have one progressing investigator named Cathy. She is a super strong baptist and does bible study 3 times a week with her church and goes to church 2 times a week. No se por que pero esta bien. But, she will read the Book of Mormon and say that it is very interesting. She doesn't grasp the concept that this is the true church. She believes that all churches will go to heaven. So we are trying to work with that. The reason she keeps inviting us over is to learn more about God and how to return back to him. Baptist is such a cop-out religion. It's kinda lame, but it's okay because some people who are are pretty nice. They cook good food anyway. Honestly, that was Elder Billings and I's week.
Spiritual stuff:
I love reading Alma 7 and Alma 34. I think my new favorite is Amulek. He is such a stud. So hard working and does his best on doing what is right. He is an inspiration to me. I learned that even though we all sin, we can do what Amulek asks and pray to our loving Heavenly Father for help.
I love you all. Keep sending letters. I want to hear from you. I will probably call home when I am at the airport if I obtained my visa. Hopefully I have it!
Con amor,
Elder Grant Evans

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