Monday, September 9, 2013

Just Keep Swimming.

Hi everybody,

So today, I have even shorter time because I had to do about a 30 minute survey for Elder David Evans of the Seventy that is coming soon. Still waiting for my visa out here. You would think 5 months would be enough time for your visa to come out. Especially, when they said that Buenos Aires missions get their visas faster. This week was really lame. Our investigator that has a baptismal date can't contact us. His phone is broken and he has a job. But the good thing is that we told him that once he starts reading the Book of Mormon he will find a job. And what do you know! He did. Hopefully, he doesn't get prideful and disappear from us. Something I learned this week while reading the Book of Mormon and everything was about pride. I am getting closer to the end of the Book of Mormon and it just struck me that pride is what got the Nephites and the Jaredites killed off. Pride is a scary thing. Sometimes we think we aren't prideful because we are helping people, but we do it grudgingly. It has made me look back of how I treated people in school and others. Sometimes, I would give people stuff and just want a thank you in return. This is pride. I did stuff for someone and expected something in return. This is not Christlike nor is this charity. I am going to go back to my Avatar examples. Uncle Iroh did almost everything for Prince Zuko. He was kind, generous and humble. When he did things for Prince Zuko, he would never get mad at him or punish him for something he didn't get in return. He did it out of love.

Another thing that hit me this week was in Moroni 7. Where it talks about that charity never faileth and if a man not have charity, he is nothing. It also talks a little bit that you can have faith and hope and everything else, but if you don't have charity, you are nothing.

Sorry that my letter is so short, but literally, nothing happened. We had a few appointments this week, but they all fell through and people weren't at home nor did they pick up their phones. So, it's kind of frustrating, but that just means that this week will be great, right?
I love you all so much. Keep reading the scriptures. Please write me. Keep saying your prayers. Also, please tell me if there is something during language study that I can do. I use my Spanish daily, but only if I have to do language study or talk to a Hispanic that lives here.
Con amor,

Elder Grant Evans

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