Monday, August 19, 2013

2 Nephi 4 Challenge

Hey everyone!

This week nothing much happened as exciting than last week. Although, I should probably tell what happened each day in my journal. I need to do better at that. But, this Sunday was really cool! President Parker and Elder Pino of the Seventy came to the Chamblee Branch! They gave a couple talks and both gave lessons! I could understand President Parker because he spoke English. Elder Pino spoke really quiet and fast Spanish. But I got the gist of it. He said we need to become more as a little child. President Parker said that we need to make covenants, change and consecrate ourselves. A scripture I shared this week with a member at dinner was Jacob 2:18. It says that before you seek for riches, seek ye first for the Kingdom of God. This is a big problem we have with investigators. We invite them to read the Book of Mormon, but they put it off and worry about other stuff. So usually, when we go to do a follow-up with them, they didn't read because they didn't have time. I also read 2 Nephi 4 today. I invite you to read it. This is the chapter when Lehi dies and Nephi gets blamed at by his brothers. And at the end of the chapter, Nephi says that he will put all his trust in the Lord. Or in other words, be consecrated. Putting God and Faith in Jesus Christ first! Again, I invite you to read this chapter and ponder about it.

So sadly, this week, we had no investigators to church this week, again. One investigator, Mario, got called into work last minute. Lupi had to work too. As did Mauricio. Mauricio has a sick story! He is from Mexico and works in construction and he does stone work. His work is pretty good too. Anyway, he is divorced and his kids are in Mexico with the Mom. He is also an alcoholic. And he wants to change his life really bad and getting baptized! The other missionaries just talked to him about quitting, but never did anything about it. So this last week and the past week, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! After the lesson, we gave him a baptismal calender with what he could drink on specific days. So far, he is following it. We also gave him the ARP book that he could follow and where the classes would be that he could go to. His baptismal date is going to be August 31. Entonces, we have other investigators named Enrique and Myra. They are doing okay. They had the opportunity to come to church, but I think they had really bad hangovers and so they didn't wanna come. Church is probably the hardest thing to get investigators to do.
Anyways, that's about all that has happened this week. I forget what American food has tasted like with all the Latin American foods. But I do love it! A family gave us quesadillas with ongos or honogos. No se la palabra. Anways, super good! And homemade tortillas! Best thing ever! I almost got to eat stomach this week too. I hear its pretty good if it's cooked right. Maybe I will just put a lot of sauce on it. Well, love you guys! Love hearing from you! I hope to get letters this week in the mail and I promise I will have more stories next time!
Con amor,

Elder Grant Evans

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